FishToximeter II

Real-Time Biomonitoring 2.0

Continuous analysis of fish behavioural patterns for the detection of toxins in water.

The bbe FishToximeter II observes the behaviour of fish in a tank under the influence of a stream of "sample" water with the aid of a camera and continuous computer-assisted image analysis. This uncomplicated but highly sensitive instrument is designed to detect toxic substances in e.g. rivers, reservoirs, water supply systems, water treatment plant intakes and sewers.

The instrument is based on the development of Extended Dynamic Daphnia Tests (EDDT), a tried and tested detection method in Europe and other parts of the world. Continuous biological monitoring with the bbe FishToximeter II enables rapid detection of toxic substances in water and provides a real-time, online early warning system.

This unique instrument enables the user to observe and analyse toxic contaminations, record them and react quickly to them. The bbe FishToximeter II is well-suited for the rapid detection of wilful or negligent damage to water systems. It is also conceived as a long-term monitor of water quality during "strategic" analysis.

Features & Informations


  • drinking water supply protection
  • waterway quality analysis and assessment
  • dam monitoring
  • intake surveillance
  • risk analysis

Technical specification of the bbe FishToximeter II

Description Value
  • average swim speed
  • speed distribution
  • swim height
  • average distance
  • fractal dimension of swim paths: curviness, turns etc.
  • number of fish
  • distribution in chamber
Measurement procedure video analysis (USB-camera)
Aquarium 9 litres
Weight <50 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1125 mm x 858 mm x 600mm
Protection class IP54
Recommended temperature Sample: 5 - 28°C (dep. on fish) / Environment: 5 - 30° C
Flow rate 50 - 150 l/h
Maintenance interval > 14 days
Number of fish up to 10
Size of fish 4 - 6 cm
Recommended species fat-head minnow, tiger barb, minnow, bitterling - depending on temperature; tests for other local fish on request
PC touchscreen with Windows OS
Interface modem LAN analogue output 4-20 mA (2 X) relay output (2 X) RS232
Optional features dechlorination system, Modbus TCP/IP

Subject to alteration!

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