Early warning system for detection of ccyanobacteria & unbound phycocyanin

The release of biotoxins from harmful cyanobacteria is associated with the coincident release of the pigment phycocyanin.

The bbe PhycoLabAnalyser* (PhycoLA) offers the simultaneous determination of chlorophyll concentrations, transmission, and - as an option - the photosynthetic activity of microalgae in a 25 ml glass cuvette. Additionally, the PhycoLA measures the amount of unbound phycocyanin (free PC) which reflects the release of blue-green algae contents like toxins as well as flavours and odorous substances.

The chlorophyll and phycocyanin content is excited by coloured LEDs and allocated to the different algal classes. The PhycoLabAnalyser enables direct measurement without sample preparation by filtration or solvent. The fluorescence signals f0, f, and fm are used to calculate the photosynthetic activity using the Genty parameter method. A yellow substances (CDOM) correction is also used to correctly calculate the total chlorophyll content. The device is virtually maintenance-free and very simple to operate thus saving both time and money.


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NEW! Phycocyanin measurements - The indicator for cyanotoxins as well as flavours and odorous substances

Features & Information

Advantages of the bbe PhycoLa

  • Quick, simple chlorophyll measurement with algal class differentiation
  • Phycocyanin measurements - indicator for cyanotoxins as well as flavours and odorous substances
  • Turbidity compensation up to 200 FTU
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy to use
  • Direct measurement without preparation
  • Laptop included
  • Integrated stirrer
  • Splash-water proof
  • PC operation with bbe software
  • Simple data export
  • Rugged transport case


  • Monitoring and assessment of water quality
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Process trackingin waterwork
  • Environmental and hygiene monitoring
  • Chemical assessment
  • Toxicity tests
  • Analysis of contaminated sites
  • Limnological work
  • Research and teaching
  • Oceanography
  • Laboratory tests


Databased bbe++ Software

The bbe software supplied with the instrument facilitates detailed data analysis. All measurement data can be displayed numerically or graphically. Sections of data measurements can be recorded and printed using the zoom function. Data can also be exported to a spreadsheet program (e.g Excel). All settings and calibrations are performed by the software.

Tecnical specification of the PhycoLabAnalyser

Description Value
  • total chlorophyll [μg chl-a/l]
  • green algae [μg chl-a/l]
  • blue-green algae [μg chl-a/l]
  • diatoms [μg chl-a/l]
  • cryptophyceae [μg chl-a/l]
  • yellow substances correction
  • unbound phycocyanin [μg /l]
  • photosynthetic activity (Genty)
  • transmission
Measuring range 0 – 500 μg chl-a/l, 0 – 50 μg free PC/l
Resolution 0.01 µg chl-a/l
Transmission 0 - 100 %
Turbidity 0 - 200 FTU
Weight 4.5 kg (without computer)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 152 x 340 x 295 mm
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz; 110 V / 60 Hz
Power consumption 10 W
Sample temperature 0 - 40° C
Protection class IP54
Sample volume
  • 25 ml (cuvette)
Interface RS232
Software bbe++ software
  • SDI-12 with bbe converter
  • 12 V adapter

Downloads & Information about the PhycoLa

Manuals, software and further informations for this product may be available in the internal area for registered users.