Nutrient measurement

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The amount of total phosphorus and total nitrogen is essential for the assesment of water quality. With the nutrient analysers from bbe standard lab methods are applied to the 24/7 operation in measuring stations. We are happy to serve the requirements of our customers with low maintenance, high reliability and auto calibration function.

bbe nutrient instruments are used for:

  • monitoring of surface water
  • analysis of tab water
  • municipal sewage
  • and industrial water check

The advantages of nutrient measurement devices are:

  • high precision
  • low detection limits
  • easy maintenace
  • remote access
  • automatic analysis 24h
  • touch screen operation
  • 4-20mA, RS232/485 and MODBUS/TCP
  • equipped with UV assisted digestion function

Our new devices can be used for the quick and sensitive determination of:

  • phosphore content
  • nitrogen content
  • amonia content
  • COD content

bbe nutrient devices are used for practical work in:

  • Surface Water Analysis
  • Tab Water Monitoring
  • Municipal Sewage Checks
  • Accessment of Industrial Water Monitoring
  • Sea Water analysis (COD-OnlineAnalyser)

Nutrient Measurement

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Precise device for the measurement of total phosphorus.

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Reliable measurement of Total Nitrogen with auto cleaning and auto calibration function.

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Ammonium measurement with very low detection limit.

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High accuracy spectrophotometer detection unit which fully guarantee the stable and accuracy of the end point determinate.

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