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bbe Signal Event Evaluation Software

The established bbe AI Viewer software is now available as ‘IT SEES’ – real-time analysis of multiple sensor readings to detect significant events. IT SEES is a multi-parameter event analyser and detector, a tool for the examination of all kind of sensor readings: 

  • IT SEES sudden changes
  • IT FINDS correlations to changes in various parameters
  • IT ESTIMATES whether an alarm situation is at hand.

IT SEES is effective for users of simple probes to assess on-going processes in the water systems under observation. Algorithms are made to detect changes in each observed signal. The user can include: 

  • upper and lower limits into the evaluation
  • a statistical short-term evaluation as a standard deviation
    with and without drift elimination
  • long-term evaluation

Usually, events in different signals in the same time period are necessary to indicate a reportable alarm. An appraisal system is applied to the events coming from each sensor. 

The following example describes a real alarm situation and its evaluation:
The parameters for water temperature, pH, O2, and conductivity were used to analyse the status of the water. The graphs 2, 3, 4, 5 indicate a sudden change in the different parameters of the water quality. In this particular evaluation, the ‘H’ indicates an unusual change compared to earlier data. 

The screenshot below displays the results of the combined data evaluation (AI = Alarm Index). Each measurement parameter adds a certain number of points (toxicity points) to the Alarm Index. Exceeding a threshold (in this case: 100) triggers an alarm message.

If you are interested in obtaining drivers for various databases and more information or demo software, please ask for details

“IT SEES” is a project initially developed together with the Institute for Hygiene and Environment in Hamburg and the EPA Berlin (EASE-Project).

More Information about IT SEES